actual news

Education training to be a

competent or qualified person,

able to inspect PPEaF yearly


can be offered 


by Bimet Markus Biermann Arbeitsschutz due to EN 365.



You want to know more about harmonisation of european standards in change.

There are many changes in our european standards in the last months.

It is important to know, especially for all employers with staff competences, safety guards and for competent persons who inspect ppe yearly.




Rescue Training made by Bimet!


Windenergy - Telecommunication - Energy transmission - Automatic storages


Markus Biermann, educated within 25 years by four german and european ppe and descending manufacturers, can instruct you on safe work and rescue from heights.


Air abstracted packaged (sealed packed) abseiling, descending and hoisting systems

with small or large handwheel

with up to 280 kg permissible descent load

from diverse manufacturers.


According to the standard checked, with humidity indicator, edge protection, rope clamp, guide pulley, snap hook and enough SEALING in lined with foam Alubox, packed in barrels or backpack.


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Markus Biermann Arbeitsschutz +PLUS

Händelstr. 29
D-40822 Mettmann