PPEaF - Personal Protective Equipment against fall from heights

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Fall protection for safe work at heights or depths have always to do with freedom. To use his own PPEaF or to leave aside while working at heights or depths is part of that freedom.


What does freedom mean for all of us that we risk our lives to higher or deeper jobs.

Our understanding of freedom means that we can do it, you want to consult as independent as possible in the field of PPEaF. In this market segment, such diversity has emerged in recent years that it to find the right product for both, consumers and end users as well as for the dealers sometimes makes it a little bit difficult.

This is where we want to help you with our experience.


You can take advantage of our more than 24 years PPEaF manufacturer experience, coupled with the amount of product knowledge, market information and also reflect values ​​details from the field of PPEaF.


We help our vendor with a independently training. We want to to sensitize employees for safe work, to let your guiding principles in terms of welfare and occupational safety and try to live.


Every employee must recognize the limits between freedom and security. In other words - to encounter the greatest difficulties with the utmost caution....

           ok, promise us not to take a step in heights without fuse


    and please get provided to your PPE against fall as intended to ....whom???

  Oh, you want to know the correct use, let us say you want the real information.

You ever can ask the manufacturer or an independant person with many years experience in this field of highest certification to save lives.


send us an email to biermann-safety-solutions@arcor.de or contact us by phone


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